Getting Started

Attempting to mine Kadena with GPU's or CPU's is not reccomended, There are a few different ASIC miners that are far more powerful. We reccomend checking for a good rough estimate of what each makes and what its power costs will be. In general you save the most money ordering Directly from a manufacturer, usually most manufacturers are unwilling to deal with individuals unless they are making a large purchase of several miners.
In our Discord and Telegram, we are often able to organize large deals within the community to bulk order miners together and save money, if you are interested feel free to join and ask when the next batch of ASIC miners is exptected. Orders are placed directly with the manufacturer and we never touch anyones money, or ask for it.

Currently CMpool supports Kadena, if you are interested in learning more about kadena check out their website or their Github.

CMpool charges 1.5% on every block mined. The minimum payment threshold is 5 KDA.

Connect your miner to or If you are located near North America, and or if you are located near Europe. If you use the Europe server, you will need to search for your wallet on and if you us the North America server you will need to search on
Check out This Guide for help setting up your miner with Cmpool.

Payments occur twice a day at 11PM UTC and 11AM UTC. Please be aware that there is a margin of a few minutes for your payment to be processed and sent out so you might not get it at exactly 11:00. is the reccomended server for users in or near the United States, you can also use as a failover. is the reccomended server for users in or near the United Kingdom, you can also use as a failover.


Cmpool checks the hashrate of your workers every 30 minutes, so if your miners arent showing up on the pool but you can see you are connected you are most likley connected to the pool, you just need to wait for the next hashrate check.

When setting up your miner you can set a workername by appending your wallet address with .workername at the end, this will make it easier to differentiate between your miners when connecting more than one to the same wallet. Example: caf062921c1b781f69f20c5c4ad7e697262017dd98a59380e3b3f16308ae5a90.workername

Yes, however please be aware that currently, doing so will result in the hashrate graph for your wallet switching between each worker rather than showing an average. You can still view your total hashrate for that wallet at the bottom of the search page

Cmpool will mine to whatever wallet your miner is currently set to mine to, if you loose access to a wallet your payment will still go there if you have your miners set to that wallet, so change it ASAP!

Possibly, CMpool does payout on chain00 so most exchanges should work, however we do not reccomend mining directly to an exchange and instead reccoment mining to a either zelcore or chainweaver instead.

If you have further questions or need assistance please send us an email at or join us on Discord or Telegram