Welcome to CMpool, the Pool by Miners for Miners! This pool will help ASIC miners for the Kadena Blockchain talk to the network and recieve work, as well as rewards.

To Start mining on CMpool, Connect your miner to:
North America/USA:
cmpool.io:3700 or cmpool.io:420
if you have a KDbox please use cmpool.io:4200 for a lower difficulty.
United Kingdom/EU:
eu.cmpool.io:3700 or eu.cmpool.io:420

Total Pool Hashrate

102.80341348928 TH

We are a PPLNS Pool and we charge a fee of 1.5% on every block.

If you have questions or need assistance please check out our FAQ or join us on Discord or Telegram

Please DO NOT mine to a Coinmetro Address, only mine to an address that is 64 characters

Example: caf062921c1b781f69f20c5c4ad7e697262017dd98a59380e3b3f16308ae5a90